The Women Attorney’s Network of the South Shore is a group dedicated to the personal and professional growth of attorneys on the South Shore.

It’s a place to come for support, practice management and marketing issues.  It’s a place to come if you are fresh out of law school, or fresh out of new ideas for your practice.  It’s a place to come to learn about new substantive areas of the law and to just network and have fun.

The meetings have a networking and light dinner component, introductions and then a speaker.  Past speakers have included money coaches, employment attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, mindfulness practice, law practice management strategies, a self-defense class, networking events and more.  The group can incubate your new law practice; invigorate you with new ideas and inspire you to step out of the same old thing and take your practice to the next level.  It’s a wonderful group of attorneys willing to share resources, information and inspiration.

Join us for a meeting, and consider becoming a member.

Are you new to the group and wondering what the meetings will be like?

It can be nerve wracking going to a new group for the first time, especially if you aren’t coming with someone. I always like to know in advance what the meetings will be like so that I know what I’m walking into.

They are pretty relaxed, and everyone is very welcoming of new members.  They are held locally and people usually arrive between 6 and 6:30. There is light dinner from Whole Foods, along with drinks. The food is vegetarian friendly. People talk and mingle for a bit before we do introductions and move on to the topic of the meeting. If there is a speaker, we usually start that around 6:30, if it’s more open networking, the conversation will just naturally flow. If you have questions on a case or practice issue, you can always ask for help on that, too.

You can also call Leanna at 781-749-2284 if you are thinking of coming to a meeting, or email me at Leanna@HamillLawOffice.com